Playing it forward

Today’s session on “Shaping the Future” at the national meeting of museums sponsored by Center for Future of Museums, Reach Advisors and FutureThink was dynamic! A little background on charting the future using the Implications Wheel, meta-trends and gaming Crowd source the Future. Forecasts centered on changing demographics of ethnic and racial makeup of America (minority will outnumber majority by 2042 and for first time older Americans will outnumber young Americans, and that women surpass men with higher education degrees. Will we have to construct new language that will supplant terms like “minority” and “majority”? Will there be a trend of more men volunteering in museums? will education standards change as a result of outside pressure through innovative programming at museums rather that mandated by policy. Think of the possibilities! My museum colleagues were generating ideas exponentially. What possibilities do you see for a future role of museums in society. The can play a major role in changing the world–Imagine!

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