Organic Thinking?! Well, why not?

In our Futures game yesterday at AAM, I suggested that a trend in the future will be that language will change in that terms such as “majority” and “minority” will no longer be applied to human systems. Personally, I cannot imagine WASPS tolerating be referred to as the “minority” when white America is outnumbered by other racial and ethnic groups. What would eliminating these terms do not only to language, but to perception? What if a person was assessed not for class, or race or ethnicity but for their heart as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned in his dream? When I was asked about what I meant by “organic” sharing of exhibits–well, I don’t know exactly because it is a germ of an idea still but I said it must have been the result of organic thinking. Googling the term, I found it is out there. It refers to a systems, holistic way of thinking not antithetical to rational thinking but expanded in that it meshes ideas and imagination with data making it richer, more open to possibilities. See a great TED talk on creativity by Sir Ken Robinson.

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