Web 2.0 + imagination = Philanthropy 2.0

Web 2.0 + imagination =Philanthropy 2.0

Carol Adelman, director, Center for Global Prosperity, is featured in “quote of the day” in today’s New York Times about Obama Administration’s use of technology during his presidential race and the impact of this new borderless business model becoming known as Philanthropy 2.0. The “president’s campaign of savvy, Web-based technology, direct outreach to voters through blogs, videos, and interactive Web sites resulting in a large number of small donations,” is being adapted in creative formats such as first time Twestivals, fundraising events for cell-phone Twitter users (100% to charity, 100% no overhead) to internet-based platforms that enable migrants to send money home more easily. This Hudson Institute Index study highlights celebrity efforts as well: Chinese action-star turned celebrity-philanthropist Jet Li helping Chinese earthquake victims, to Tony Blair’s charitable foundation reaching out to countries in need. Closer to home, Ashton Kutcher campaigned to top CNN with 1 million followers and now stands at 1,626,125 and counting. Kutcher is using his platform to bring attention to combating global malaria. Now if only we could get the dinosaurs, GM and Chrysler up to speed.
Twitter with Ashton http://twitter.com/aplusk. For more information and to view the new Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances,visit Hudson Institute’s CGP on the Web at http://www.global-prosperity.org.

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