September 11, 2001- A Personal Reflection

If you are of my generation, you will never forget where you were when President Kennedy was shot–I was in my high school homeroom– nor where you were on September 11, 2001. I was in Spring Lake on a gorgeous fall morning at a conference of investors for small businesses at a hotel on the beach. Then the news came letting attendees know that there had been an accident in Lower Manhattan and that those attending from New York City may want to head back to the city right away. We all found a television and watched in shock as events unfolded that fateful morning. I walked to my car along with the others and one man was sharing his concern with another for his nanny’s new husband who worked in one of the twin towers. He told all of us in earshot that both these young people were like members of the family. Riding home, I realized my son has clients in the World Trade Center but I wasn’t sure what his schedule was on that day. My daughter reached me on my cell phone and said they were watching the events from her school and trying to keep the children, a lot of whose parents work in the city, calm. My son called me just as I reached my home telling me that he was stuck on the turnpike but was alright. He was on his way to the World Trade Center but had gotten off to a later start than his usual time that morning. The Giants had played the night before and the game had gone into overtime and didn’t end until after 1:00 a.m. From that point on, I have been a diehard Giants fan! The attorneys and finance experts I met that morning are out network, but we formed a special bond that day. I am especially grateful to have gotten to know Larry Chong who sadly passed away a few years ago. Larry was a former international banking executive and investor and, I believe an angel investor. He and I became good friends and he always showd an interest in the papers I was writing and in the conferences at which I would be presenting. So with this anniversary, I will be reflecting on the events, the people who lost their lives that day and their families and friends, as well as those special friendships formed that day and the gratitude that my son was stuck on the turnpike and not in Lower Manhattan early that unforgettable September morning.

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