UNESCO Designates International Week of Arts Education

The Korean Arts and Culture Education Service (KACES) announced today that the UNESCO Member States voted unanimously on November 4 at the 36th Session of the General Conference held in Paris, to adopt The Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education. KACES also reported that the same body passed a Resolution designating the fourth week in May commemorating International Week of Arts Education beginning in 2012.

Professor Larry O’Farrell, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University and holder of the UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning, congratulated KACES and the entire Korean delegation applauding “their diligence in pursuing this remarkably positive outcome for the field of arts and learning.”

About KACES:
KACES (Korea Arts and Culture Education Service), a statutory government agency supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. KACES was established to support the country’s commitment to the Seoul Agenda of “developing creativity-character education through arts education” created at the 2010 UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education held in Korea that was attended by 2,900 people from 107 countries. KACES trains and dispatches more than 4,000 arts educators to schools in Korea, and supports arts and culture education program in childcare centers, facilities for the elderly/the disabled, military camps and correctional facilities.

In May 2011, KACES appointed 50 overseas correspondents from 32 countries to report from the field and contribute to its on-line magazine called artEzine (www.artezine.kr) both in Korean and English, which covers stories on arts and culture education internationally. USA correspondent will report on KACES ambitious initiatives and objectives for arts education and professional development throughout Korea.

The full statement from KACES can be accessed via the following link. http://www.artezine.kr/english/view.jsp?articleIdx=1498

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