Lois Dodd Exhibit, NYC, 2015. Recent Paintings

Upon entering into the main exhibit room at at Alexandre Gallery from icy NYC cityscape outside, one is immediately hit with nature’s brilliant colors captured on paintings hanging inside. It takes a few moments to separate them out—a fiery sugar maple tree at its autumnal peak, a Christmas amaryllis dominating its frame. The vermilions and cadmium reds are contrasted with a cacophony of acid greens that eventually coalesce into a melodic fugue. Yet once settled into the gallery space, it’s the bleak but luminous shades of pink and gray sugaring the winter landscape with snow reminding the viewer that it is still winter outside. But have no fear. The painter Lois Dodd graciously positions the viewer in a warm southern window looking out at the winterscapes some of which are sharply etched in the architectural lines of windows and houses while others are softly blanketed with filmy layers of pink and gray layers of atmosphere. Going from painting to painting is a different vista viewed from different windows—or one aptly titled “Reflected Light on Brick Wall” with the light shaped by the window’s frame cast upon a solid brick wall that results in a tripartite meditation on variations of brick tones in reflected light. In another painting, anemic house plants huddle on a shelf at the window doing their best to absorb some light from the falling snow outside mirroring our own winter weary spirits. But catching sight of the pruned apple tree is a much-needed reminder of the promise of spring—it is dormant for now but the tree’s pink trunk hints at buds that have been gathering strength all winter in the alternation of freezing and thawing temperatures that will produce the burst of blossoms in another two months or so. So feed your soul, feed your psyche all the while in the accompaniment of Mother Nature’s dance and a luminous light captured in the strokes of the brush of the amazing painter, Lois Dodd. Pay a visit to Alexandre Gallery, if not in person, online at
http://www.alexandregallery.com/current-exhibition/. For a rare treat read an interview with the artist: http://paintingperceptions.com/featured-interviews/conversation-with-lois-dodd


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