Contemplating the Mueller Report: To Impeach or Not To Impeach

The constitution may be vague on what qualifies as “High crimes and misdemeanors” but the Founders conceived of leadership, at the very least as aspirational; pursued by one who cultivates unceasingly his or her moral and ethical values. Ben Jonson, regarded as one of the major dramatists and poets of the seventeenth century, had this to say on truth:

Truth is man’s proper good and the only immortal thing was given to our mortality to use. No good Christian or ethnic, if he be honest, can miss it; no statesman or patriot should. For without truth all the actions of mankind are craft, malice, or what you will rather than wisdom. Homer says he hates him worse than hell mouth that utters one thing with his tongue and keeps another in his breast. Which high expression was grounded on divine reason; for a lying mouth is a stinking pit, and murders with the contagion it vents. Beside, nothing is lasting that is feigned; it will have another face than it had, ere long. As Euripides said, “No lie ever grows old.”

~Ben Jonson (1838). “The Works of Ben Jonson”, p.746

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